Welcome to the Hansen He Lab

The He laboratory applies a variety of genomic, epigenomic experimental and computational approaches to elucidate the functional role of epigenetic regulation in cancer development, progression and drug response, with a special focus on the interplay between epigenetic regulator and noncoding RNA. Combine the experimental and computational expertise, we are in a unique position to make major contributions to both the general understanding of cancer biology and the improvement of epigenetic therapy.

Contact Us

Dr. Housheng Hansen He
11-305 PMCRT
101 College St
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7
Phone: 416 581 7736
Email: hansenhe@uhnresearch.ca

Amelia Navarrete
PMCRT 5-351B and 13-701
101 College St
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7
Phone: 416 581 7559
Email: Amelia.Navarrete@uhnresearch.ca



Musa and Fraser's CRISPRi screen paper is online in Nature Communications! Check it out!


Sujun successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Dr. Chen!


Sujun and Guanghui's scRNA-seq paper is online with highlight of News&views from Nature Cell Biology. Read it here! And read the paper here.


Sujun and Guanghui’s single-cell RNA-seq study was accepted to Nature Cell Biology. Congratulations!


Fraser and Musa’s work on CRISPR screen in double negative T cells was accepted to Blood. This was a great collaboration with Dr. Li Zhang’s group.


Musa and Fraser’s CRISPRi screen paper was accepted to Nature Communications, congratulations!


Dr. Xinpei Ci joined our lab as a research associate. Welcome on board, Xinpei!


Congratulations to Sujun for winning a Princess Margaret postdoctoral fellowship!


Sujun's co-first author paper on LSD1 and FOXA1 is published!

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